Hello & Welcome to
DJ’s Photography & Videographics

Mission Statement:
At DJ’s Photography & Videographics I will do my best to be fair to my customers, and to apply their wants and needs
into my design prospective and to come up with the
best outcome that I can provide for them.

This is a website of my projects that have been completed at,
DJ’s Photography & Videographics

I am located at 402 Broadway, Tribune, Kansas 67879

There are three parts to my business.

First: I am a Videographer & a Candid Photographer, I have been videoing
Weddings, Funerals, and all around Community Activities for over the last twelve years.
I have been known to travel around my surrounding communities for my videoing service.
I have the capability now that I am able to Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD’s.
We must be able to keep those family memories alive, for I believe that history is important and that we need to keep important information so that, for years & generations to come, they are able to remember what has happened.

Second: I am a Graphic Designer, I work with Vinyl  Signs, Banners, and Decals.
During my time @ NWKTC I was in the Computer Graphics Technology Course, which I learned about Graphic Design for Print/Web/Vinyl production.
I enjoyed the Layout & Design class, working with vinyl and creating vehicle decals and vinyl wraps.  I enjoyed it so much that I purchased my own business.

Third: I own/run Tribune Toning & Relaxation
This business consumes of 9 therapeutic toning machines the Sessions are 50 minutes long and you can chose up to 5 tables per session. Please check out the Tribune Toning page for more information about these tables.

I hope that we will be in contact soon.  If there is anything else that you need from me, please fell free to contact me.  Enjoy Your Day!

David Huddleston,
DJ’s Photography & Videographics