Tribune Toning, owned by David Huddleston,
was created in 2012

At Tribune Toning, Men and Women of any age can firm and tone using motorized
therapeutic exercise machines. They require no
strenuous effort of taxing hours of exhausting exercise.  I can set clients up with a program of individualized
exercise based on two or three fifty-minute treatments each week.
(Which is equivalent up to
20 hours of traditional exercise)


Toning Tables:

The Body Bender Machine:
Strengthens and tightens muscles in the midriff,
abdomen, and waist, reducing inches in these areas.
Lower back muscles are strengthened and overall
flexibility is increased.

The Side-to-Side Machine:
Stretches the lower torso form side to side,
toning muscles in the abdomen.  It trims the waist line particularly the sides of the waist.  This machine will also help strengthen the lower back and ease tension in that area.

The Supper Cycle Machine:
Moves your legs back and forth strengthening and
toning muscles in the hips, thighs, knees and calves.  The lower abdomen and lower back muscles are also toned.

The Waist, Tummy, Hip Machine:
Gently raises and lowers your legs, helping to shed
inches from your waist, tummy and hips while
strengthening muscles in the lower back.

The Leg Machine:
Slenderizes the whole leg area and concentrates on
reducing inner thighs and “saddle bag” outer thighs.

The Sandbag Machine:
Works to strengthen stomach muscles, firming and
lifting flabby muscles in the buttocks area.  The gentle, rhythmic action of the machine is designed to break down cellulite and give you a tighter, smoother tone to your skin.

The Stretch Machine:
Effortlessly firms and tones upper-arms, back and
tummy muscle, improving posture & overall body tone.

The Arms/Chest Machine:
Concentrates on toning and strengthening muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders and back. Your hands can be placed in various positions along the shafts, enabling you to concentrate on specific areas.

The Vibrator Machine:
Works on complete body toning, gently vibrating body surfaces to soothe and relax you by increasing blood
circulation to surface skin cells.